Euphoria Psychedelics – Lego Brick Blue Raspberry Gummies (1000mg)

(12 customer reviews)


An unforgettable candy flavour. May or may not turn your tongue blue. Euphoria gummies come in a sugar-coated lego block, and are easy to break off to split and share. Our psilocybin mushroom-infused gummies will bring you into your own state of euphoria in the sweetest way possible. We make even mushrooms taste *chef’s kiss*.


12 reviews for Euphoria Psychedelics – Lego Brick Blue Raspberry Gummies (1000mg)

  1. Dorothy Keith

    As usual a first class service,I placed my order on Tuesday pm and it arrived 48 hours later.It is one of the easiest ordering service around

  2. Kathleen P. Pooley

    Received excellent communication about the product and advice from the company.

  3. Cynthia Villarreal

    most helpful and very pleasant to talk to,I cannot recommend this company any higher. Thanks again for a great service.

  4. Eric Mowery

    Very impressed with the effort put in to help me order Bec5. My connections weren’t working so I was leaving a message on answerphone (out of hours) when it was answered by a real person who guided me through ordering. Have used this company for years and always found them efficient with quick delivery. Even more impressed now! Thank you so much Joy

  5. Albert Shane

    I’ve just bought some collagen and some mushroom supplements. And also having just given up coffee I have decided to try the Cacao mushroom mix …. Fabulous service as usual from the company – couldn’t say better than that!

  6. Samuel Turner

    I can’t recommend these guys enough. From the personal, one to one service with a real person from the beginning, to expert advice and understanding

  7. Addie M. Doyle

    I would highly recommend this company for many reasons.

  8. Anna Cuomo

    Delivery and response was quick. Product information very good. I feel as though I could contact this company and they would listen and advise. I like this personal touch

  9. Bruce Teegarden

    Amazing customer service! Done me a huge favour and Delivered before delivery date and went above and beyond to help me out! Highly recommend

  10. Monica Taylor

    speedy, reliable delivery and non fussy sevives for some of the highest quality hiealth supplements out there. I cannot fault the ageless and thier services.

  11. James Ray

    It is extremely rare these days to come across a company where you slowly realise that the owners are total enthusiasts for their field (…”geeks” even!!), are ethical, choosy about what they stock and just cannot do enough to help and support you. This is one of those company gems, thank you sir.

  12. Tom Herzog

    Just wanna to be chilled because I’ve been so stressed so a ate a whole mushroom ?? n a piece of a cap watched trolls and boy I tell you that’s the movie to watch my side effect would be I became a lil sweaty in the face not hot though other than that take in moderation be chill one love ??

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