Electric Mushroom Grinder

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Electric Mushroom Grinder

Use the Electric Mushroom Grinder for all your grinding needs. Perfect for pleurotus, psilocybe cubensis, mushrooms and shrooms. With a strong durable motor, stainless steel blades, a grippable surface and compact modern design, this grinder is the perfect accessory for the mushroom microdose aficionado.

Simply press the lid down for a few seconds to precisely control the degree of grinding. Through the transparent cover, you can observe the grinding process and get coarse or fine mushroom powder. This is the best machine to pulverize, powderize and capsulize your beauties.


10 Pack Syringes, 2 Spores Syringes, 4 Spores Syringes, Single Syringe


Normal Concentration, Supercharged Spores

1 review for Electric Mushroom Grinder

  1. Dennis Keller

    It’s benifits are great. I deal with a special needs nonverbal son 24/7 with no breaks or relief and it definitely helps my mood. So happy and the colors are amazing. I found a little goes along way and microdoseing is very effective.

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