Cloud Walker #11

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  Lineage: North America

  Starting Dose: Take 1g and wait for 3 hrs

  Onset Time: 1-2 hrs

  Duration: 4-6 hrs

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Cloud Walker #11


Cloud Walker #11 is an exclusive strain that comes to us from the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.


This particular mushroom is lauded for its powerful effects. Recommended for seasoned adventurers.


Intense visuals and enhanced sociability, accompanied by a warmness that facilitates self-exploration. Cloud Walker mushrooms are a fantastic choice for those seeking to foster spiritual connections.


Half Pound, OZ, Pound, Quarter Pound

10 reviews for Cloud Walker #11

  1. Nicole Kirsch

    Fantastic – will definitely buy again!
    Very prompt delivery and easy to purchase.
    Took one each to begin with but didn’t feel much so had another about an hour or so later, slight buzz but nothing dramatic. We bought 2 packs so we had a round 10 to last a while after the first try we had 6 left so we thought F*** it let’s try 3 at once 😂
    Safe to say they definitely work, we felt the sun from a video game and could feel every strand of fur on the mushrooms, all concept of time went out the window 😂

  2. Joyce Chavez

    Used the service three times now. Top quality product posted out the same day as ordered with excellent packaging and service standards. Considering the product and service quality the prices are reasonable for the items I’ve bought.

  3. Johnny Olvera

    Brilliant service
    Brilliant service just received my second order each time within two working days 😃, love that you guys exist 🙏.

  4. Mary Wallace

    I’ve used Psilocybin Shrooms Oregon for about a year now. Always fast delivery, absolutely what it says on the site, great products. No messing about with crypto, just straight forward for those of us not so tech savvy. Brilliant service!

  5. Cassandra Yarbrough

    I am already impressed with how quickly I received my order which was placed at 1800 on Saturday night. It arrived 1st class post on Tuesday morning.
    The courtesy packet of Haribo was literally a cute, sweet gesture.

  6. John J. Hansel

    Easy purchase and quick delivery :3

  7. Myles Nunley

    Easy to order pay, and arrived really fast. Great that something like this can exist now.

  8. Brian Lossett

    Just received my12th order. I don’t know if its me but their product seems to be getting high and it was already potent. Lovely , sticky and stinky exactly what you want, can’t recommend enough 10/10 never had any problems in 12 orders that’s gotta tell you this is a great store!!

  9. Gregory Faust

    Very, very happy with this superb service! Incredibly fast delivery and very potent product, just popping another order in now!

  10. Jürgen Hofmann

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is interesting and well-written. The book is based on science and facts and is well-researched.

    The author first presents the history of mushrooms and humans. It’s a long one that some think influenced our evolution.

    Even if you have no desire to forage for yourself, I believe you’ll find this first part of the book quite interesting. He also has a section on how mushrooms interact with our biology and chemistry. In other words, he explains why some mushrooms give us psychedelic experiences.

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