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13 reviews for FreshMushrooms® grow kit Starter Set

  1. Stephanie Kuester

    I’m so glad I tried these mushrooms:) They have helped with my depression and anxiety. I will carry on taking them at 0.5-1g at a time. Love them!

  2. Uta Urner

    Exactly as described. I am very pleased. Showed up within a couple days

  3. Lena Konig

    Great stuff and lots of fun. Been using them to give my mind a little reset and I feel great since having a few trips.

  4. Erik Grunwald

    These took longer to take effect than what I am used to, but when they did it was lovely. The product description of the effects on the website was very accurate for me.

  5. Torsten Muench

    Excellent, fast delivery was in the time they said, and those blue meanies kicked in the fastest ive ever experienced, we ate 2 grams each and in less then 15 probably closer to 10min we were feeling them. was a great 5 hour ride. Going to order them again in the future

  6. Jennifer Kappel

    took a moonshot dose, i cannot even begin to describe the fractal patterns this strain was throwing at me. it was like walking into the most stereotypical depiction of the 70s one could’ve asked for. thanks amigos!

  7. Melanie Kluge

    To be honest the blue meanies are put away for an other weekend soon but my last experience with blue meanies was an exceptional high with lots of colours so looking forward to another trip so I will rate them a 5 from past experiences!

  8. Gabriele Gärtner

    The blue meanies are pretty potent, but it’s a really feel good trip. I always feel more rested and positive the next morning also.

  9. Sabrina Egger

    I’m sure these are good haven’t gotten them yet delivery expected tomorrow I got these elsewhere and I didn’t get high I always thought was morphine but the ape got me where I wanted to be off of 2.5 grams

  10. Mario Abendroth

    OH MY GOD. These little beauties took me to Valhalla. I have tried Blue Meanies before, but these were the strongest i’ve had by far. Took 5 gram at home on the couch. The come up was bliss, music sounded 3D, I closed my eyes, epic visuals, i felt like i was floating. Guys, i don’t have the words to describe what happened next. I met the gods, it was beautiful.I have felt incredible this last 2 weeks. A real ease and peace from within. Thank you 3 Amigos. Excellent product and service!

  11. Steffen Schreiner

    It was my first time ordering from three amigos and it was a great trip the descriptions for the different kinds of mushrooms is awesome very detailed and very helpful I will definitely be ordering from three amigos again!!

  12. Karin Waechter

    Very good service. Recommended. Decent shrooms to my doorstep. How could I say otherwise.
    I was thinking price was a bit steep but the bag was very full when it arrived very dry
    Very impressed will order again
    Very fast shipping

  13. Sarah Kruger

    I ordered it after watching documentaries on Netflix and also hearing a local story on CBC, did a little research and thought I’d give it a try.
    Put it in basket but since the method of payment was a little different than what we usually pay via credit card I didn’t
    Did my research and found nothing really convincing these guys are legit. After a week I made up my mind and just ordered it.
    Took 3 mushies and waited for it to kick in. All the beautiful images came my while my eyes closed and after an hour things turned side ways. It was the longest night of my life, I was like I would give anything just for the night to pass and then finally it was over.
    I slept for a few hours in the morning and woke up feeling exhausted. Threw away the mushrooms and wanted to put it behind me.
    Little that I knew it actually cured one of my issues and that was my ears and get red when I talk to someone but at work I found out it wasn’t happening anymore.
    My therapist never came up with any reason as to why it’s happening and so I gave up.
    I just bought more of it and will keep buying if that’s what it takes giving the most embarrassing feeling of blushing even without any reason.
    Thanks guy for doing what you doing

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