Euphoria Psychedelics Mushroom Edibles – Mint Chocolate 1000mg

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These easy one bite mint chocolates are perfect for that euphoric shrooms buzz. Start slow and stack until you reached the appropriate destination

We call this our creative dose. A little bit higher than a microdose and not enough for the full galaxy effect this is just the perfect mushroom buzz


14 reviews for Euphoria Psychedelics Mushroom Edibles – Mint Chocolate 1000mg

  1. Ute Schulze

    Loved these. The golden teacher let me see a bunch of cool things. Esp with the spruce trees

  2. Andreas Pfeffer

    Order was confirmed and sent out quickly and arrived without any problems. The product itself was quality and worked like a charm. I’m looking forward to ordering again!

  3. Florian Sanger

    I’m saving these for the right time, but I’m an experienced user and I’ve opened the packaged to have a look, and these look great.

  4. Christian Neudorf

    Very powerful magic plants I felt like time stood still and it felt like I was living in a cartoon it was enjoyable , bizarre and entertaining definitely took me out of the veil that separates us completely from the other hidden part of our energies and spiritual beings, there were awareness of lots of vibrations within me, objects around me and my cats, really wonderful experience.

  5. Sebastian Koehler

    I previously bought the same Golden Teachers in a smaller bag, there was a bunch of small mushrooms. The 1/2 oz bag was all larger mushrooms, which is great as they had a more “mushroom” flavour where the smaller ones just kinda tasted like dirt. Either one will get you a great experience though! And for the price I’ll be buying the bigger bag again for sure!

  6. Sara Schweitzer

    Great deal at this price. There were 3 types to choose from and I went with the Albino Amazonian. All I gotta say is WOW these guys pack a punch! A few of us did the higher end dose at 2.5g…we were trippin hard for about 6 to 8 hours. Kicked in super quick. I’ve done a lot of different mushrooms but I’ve never had such intense visuals as I did with these! On the lower end dose, about 0.5g, that was the perfect amount to break the anxiety my girl was feeling that day. She said it lifted all of a sudden and felt great for the next 6 to 8. Highly recommend these!!!

  7. Sophie Bergmann

    It was an amazing trip but very different from previous times iv ordered the golden teachers! This time the hallucinations were not as powerful but still an awesome trip

  8. Tobias Köhler

    Shipping was insane fast and im currently wrecked on golden teachers, im ordering more!

  9. Patrick Schreiber

    A mental health miracle
    I’ve had signifigant, noticable improvement to my treatment resistant depression. I have tried everything including lithium and electric shock therapy. I now use 3 Amigos weekly. With my doctor, I was able to reduce some of my prescription medications.
    I don’t really care for the “high”. But in the days afterwards I find myself looking at old problems in new ways.

  10. Bernd Hahn

    Great product all round. These golden teachers are perfect – very mild but awesome experience (I had a small amount for the first go). Good place to start if your new to psilocybin!

  11. Benjamin Hartmann

    The mushrooms were in good shape. Dry and crisp. I tried eating them plain (instead of with food or drink) and was expecting a bad taste, however, to my surprise, they tasted fine. Effect was as expected.

  12. Michael Pfaff

    Very happy with the 3 Amigos.

  13. Antje Hertzog

    This is my 4th or 5th order with you guys. Love the quality and shipping speeds. No problems what so ever ! I highly recommend !

  14. Andreas Luft

    My orders always arrive only three days after I order it and I’m three provinces over.
    Products have always been very satisfying. Highly recommend this company.

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