Euphoria Psychedelics Mushroom Edibles – Cookies and Cream 1200mg

(25 customer reviews)


Our 1200mg Oreos and White Chocolates are the easiest and tastiest way to enjoy psilocybin mushrooms, with dosing that can be customized to any experience level. Golden teacher mushrooms are the most popular strain out there, for their reliable trip and euphoric properties.


25 reviews for Euphoria Psychedelics Mushroom Edibles – Cookies and Cream 1200mg

  1. Dennis König

    Excellent Golden teachers. 2 G’s and I was off to the moon. Very intense amazing trip!!!!

  2. René Bauer

    First of, let tell you that the PE are in their own class. They are super strong! Best bank for your buck for sure. 2g will be enough to send you to the moon and come back. I find that i have much more close eye visual with this strain to!

  3. Jessika Amsel

    Everything was good. Quick shipping and good product
    Love it.

  4. Daniel Grunewald

    Great customer service. Quick to respond back to emails. Had my order within 3 days and very satisfied with the product.

  5. Tim Zimmermann

    I got the golden teachers. Very mellow little guys. Amazing for micro dosing.
    i had great trip on these, awesome visual and feeling of euporia! they are super potent, which is what i was looking for! great costumer service too!

  6. Manuela Eichel

    Fast delivery product good price and fantastic experience thanks for everything

  7. Kathrin Möller

    I been ordering from here since I incorporated this into my life a couple months ago , I used PE and Amazonian everyday for 28 days to get off of effexor ,opiates, benzos and Adderall. I would like to emphasize I’m glad I turned within (meditation) when I couldn’t find any answers as how to go about this, putting in any kind of positive work while microdosing really unlocks parts of my brain, allowing me to be in the present moment, be aware, have empathy and more at ease just in general. I’m teaching myself about agar and think I’m going to order spores soon and give my own experiment a shot:), thanks guys

  8. Lukas Richter

    Amazing service, everything is packaged nicely and very prompt delivery! Had some amazing experiences!

  9. Thorsten Weiß

    Service & delivery is always quick & easy & these GT’s had me feeling good. Some fun visuals as well as a mood boost that had me dancing around the place.

  10. Christina Schulze

    Great for people trying mushrooms for the first time!

    Awesome! Also will be ordering more!

  11. Jan Rothschild

    Excellent product, excellent price. My advice is to buy a gram scale to get just the right amount, or you could take to much and KABOOM!

  12. Stephanie Fisher

    Experience was phenomenal, the website is very easy and professional and the customer service is really fast!

  13. Stefanie Blau

    I just tried 3.5gr of Golden Teacher in Lemon Tek on an empty stomach. Waited for the first signs and went meditating in a dark room with ear phones… WHAT A SHOW !!! The experience was exactly was I was after: intense for the mind and it left me with more questions (which is good).

  14. Maik Hertz

    This was my first purchase from 3 amigos and was very impressed.
    Quick delivery, no issues.
    Penis Envy was just as described. Was a great trip, had a fun night. Will be purchasing again and excited to try other products offered.

  15. Karolin Theiss

    Delivered within one week of ordering ! Very please with the packaging and looks of them, yet to try them on my next day off 😉

  16. Birgit Dresdner

    just recieved them today have not tried them yet,waiting for the weekend! woo hoo!! they arrived in a timely manner. looking forward to blasting-off!! thx Amigos

  17. Leon Schultheiss

    These shrooms were great, very cerebral, found myself wandering town with my dog until almost 3am just enjoying the lights and the stars
    Fast delivery, professional packaging.

  18. Niklas Schreiner

    Excellent quality and fast delivery . Started micro dosing for depression with positive results. Very satisfied and will be buying again

  19. Jana Lang

    Pretty quick shipping considering it’s canada post which SUCKS!!! But also, opening the bag up I saw some pretty incredible lookin mushrooms. Tried a gram last night and was feeling amazing, now to use em for my microdosing!

  20. Torsten Busch

    This is an absolutely amazing price for the strains you can pick from! I went with penis envy and did 3.5g’s my first time doing mushrooms in a while. I definitely should’ve went with a lower dose, but I still managed well. It was a very overwhelming experience I was flooded with all kinds of emotion, deep deep thoughts about my life and the world around me, euphoria, intense hallucinations (My dad’s face was wavy and turning into something. It was a solid ride from start to finish for about 6-8 hours, I enjoyed the experience overall and learned more about my tolerance to mushrooms. Great buy, I definitely recommend to anyone!

  21. Benjamin Cole

    Excellent shrooms!!! Great deal and fast discreet shipping! What more do you need? Other than more shrooms. Lol

  22. Andreas Eichel

    Excellent service and quick delivery. Everything was very smooth!

    Best bang for your buck by far! 10/10 recommend

  23. Sara König

    Great strain for great price. 100% recommended. The customer service it’s absolutely great. I had a problem with the delivery because of my address and they was really kind and helpful to sort it out.

  24. René Decker

    Very potent mushrooms. Arrived quickly and the trip was out of this world. Definitely buying again

  25. Jonas Reinhardt

    Great job, guys… good selection, super fast delivery, terrific packaging…haven’t tried them yet but looking forward to it! Thx!

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